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tv   Headline News  RT  February 21, 2013 4:00am-4:28am EST

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i didn't do it the adoptive mother of a three year old russian boy who died in the u.s. says his death was an accident as the investigation into the case drags on. a french family kidnapped in cameroon has reportedly been freed after paris sent in special forces to rescue them putting boots on the ground of another former african colony. and broken trust a recent poll shows people in the u.k. don't believe the country's journalists anymore and these politicians. and i welcome you watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow. now our top story the adoptive mother of a three year old russian boy who died in the u.s.
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exactly a month ago says maksim cruz means death was an accident russia has demanded justice suspecting the toddler was abused however local police are claiming it is too early for conclusions. is in texas. twenty russian children in the last seventeen years died in their adoptive american families most recently here in texas much mean known to locals as max shadow just what i heard on the news was just the kid had some scratches. that's all i know three year old mark sam and his younger brother keel lived in this house with their adoptive parents in a rather secluded neighborhood it was from here that on the afternoon of january twenty first the boy was taken away by an ambulance never to come back the boy had severe bruises on his legs head and internal organs can get into there because it would be speculative. for the results to come russian authorities didn't hear about
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the case for almost a month. even unfortunately it's usually months after a russian child has died and in the u.s. that the american side informs us about it in one case it was five years after a boy died meanwhile at the u.s. state department we obviously take very seriously the welfare of children particularly children who've been adopted from other countries according to moscow little corp has been shown until it was demanded. along with two dozen deaths caused by abuse and even manslaughter russia in a move often criticized recently imposed a ban on american adoption of its kids i have always believed that russia should stop these adoptions and i hope that they maintain this ban and don't yield to pressure weeks after markstein close means death tax and officials have little to say while they wait for autopsy results the results of the investigation with russia heavily involved and asking for punishment of those responsible could take
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weeks to be announced no arrests have yet been made while the investigation of floor paste in the alleged information on the little boy's life and death extremely scarce one of the questions that demand an answer is why should it take a rigid push from abroad for the us to pay attention to yet another tragic destiny of a hopeless child to whom it promised a better life on its soil. r.t. after county texas. given a spokes person for primed public legacy which promotes the safety and wellbeing of children in care believes this incident puts the u.s. adoption system firmly in the spotlight. in general we can say about the adoption system itself is a failure especially in america where the federal government has no control over what actually happens in options you need to have a proper system in place that checks. adoptive parents much better before
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the adoption which has post docs and monitoring all that is not really in place there is screening but it's not properly done post adoption monitoring is impossible. especially in america it is impossible because a right to privacy seven french hostages seized in cameroon on cheese day have reportedly been freed but after paris sent eighteen the special forces to the african country to help track down the kidnapped family france belize the notorious nigerian islamist sect baka had and was responsible for the hostage crisis the french foreign minister says if the news is confirmed it justifies the ongoing fight against terrorist groups in africa like mali cameroon is a former french colony on nigeria is now the top oil producer on the continent and some observers say france and its allies are responsible for the rise of extremism in the region and could use it as
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a pretext to go after african resources. the former new york colonial powers are once again flexing their muscles and they're starting to reach back into into yugoslavia into iraq into our afghanistan into libya and now into west africa if the main product of mali for example were mushrooms there would be no french troops there are in niger but the the main export is you're aiming at and that's very important to the french we have a twenty first century race for colonies beginning so tragic that there is a further problem that the west has introduced in a successful overthrow of the look of the gadhafi government it introduced. al-qaeda type terrorists into africa where there weren't them where they didn't exist in any significance before so that has created a can of worms the main point though is that the western powers. and europe the neo
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colonial powers and the united states nato these countries have no right to act as the police of the world now the case media is traditionally known for its high standards but a recent exhaust mori poll has put this in the top three least trustworthy professions in britain so let's have a look at the actual numbers politicians came at their worst trusted by only nineteen percent of those surveyed with the u.k. under threat of a triple dip recession three courses say they don't trust bankers and sadly for journalists over seventy percent of brits no longer trust them with my colleague kevin owen spoke to the investigative journalist twenty goals and who believes it's all down to media bosses. the first thing i'll say is this probably expect me to say this is not the fault of journalists because the people who actually control the media really are not the journalists themselves journalists are hired and fired by the managers and boy bosses vaal papers the senior staff well it is actually
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and it's the owners as well i mean it's been one of the byproducts of the financial crisis. because the it's been become much much easier to hire and fire journalists and so what's happening is the media is concentrating in the future of fewer hands and these owners are basically using their outlets to push to peddle their own political line the idea being basically if you're a journalist like me you know don't rock the boat you might end up on the dole you know you've got wife and kids to feed ok right so generally just stunning for this people feel that media is all too frequently lying to them started as you see it in britain is that a fair assessment or is it overblown well i think it's overblown to say the law it's just that we're not told the entire truth i mean for example in denmark about ten years ago one of the news presenters was actually sacked for being on the news and saying at the end of the news that is what we decided to tell you tonight as
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a bit of a joke but you know there is a lot that isn't being said in our media i mean the b.b.c. is losing its credibility slowly ever since really the one nine hundred ninety s. because of the way it's been being managed not through the fall of the journalist but i mean for example the moment we've got the chairman of the b.b.c.'s chris patten he's a former senior conservative cabinet minister you know he's coming from a very specific point of view i mean i don't really think he should have people without political persuasion or any x. you know senior politicians running the b.b.c. and of course the result is being things like the savile scandal of coming out but nobody is actually being sacked for that. now there's plenty more coming up including raising the standard the debt crisis and financial woes in europe see a return to days with gold again in five years we report a bit later on plus we analyze the rise in popularity of the muslim brotherhood in jordan look into that changing. that is coming up after a quick break. the
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favorite. if you're away from your television. with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back greece has been brought to i twenty four asked and still after workers across the debt stricken nation went on a general strike halting transport shutting schools on leaving hospitals in the capital were accompanied by huge marches. i with fifty thousand people converged on downtown athens riot place by take gas at the cranks are some of the demonstrations did turn violent protesters are demanding an end to the government's hysterics and policies with the country in recession for sixty eight and unemployment at a record twenty seven percent documentary filmmaker addie's has used the fun a says the birthplace of democracy is now becoming
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a death talk or say. when you have humans dead leg there's one that greece and other countries of the european very very are facing if you start losing levels of democracy and i'm afraid that's how we don't forget that one year ago we had nothing like the crankcase there and up to the election we have a government that promised to renegotiate the bid but never did something beyond lean best in riot police and in unconstitutional. and we always more spirit the country i'm afraid that and we are. becoming a third world country not only as far as the economies which are but also as far as the democracy which are europe was one of the major players that destroyed the greek economy by forcing business through the measures only countries that said that we we not follow the orders of the i.m.f.
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or the big financial institutions miners who survived the this crisis and i don't in all countries leg irons in the now rice alliance who didn't own any of the proposals of the big financial institutions or the you or the governments. after many vending machines office next weeks and fizzy drinks but now you might find some that give you gold bars instead of chocolate bars however crazy that sounds it is an increasing reality across europe where turbulent economic times mean investment in gold is on the rise and it's not just the preserve of the rich as peter oliver expects sometimes all that glitters is gold those who deal in the mess all say its importance today can't be overstated in crisis when you have come some prizes some monetary prizes gold and silver are returned as a security for people for bad times and with europe still far from
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out of the financial woods buying up gold is no longer just the reserve of the super rich the reason we sell small pieces is because we get customers a lot of people see buying gold is something only the rich can do we get customers who i reach poor and i mean everywhere in between just people wanting to secure the value of their cash. well if you're feeling the gold rush in you're in something of a hurry there's a.t.m.'s they can dispense it whenever you need it. here's why greed and fear is a very powerful combination of fear of her demise of all paper money. but your alone of paper money is probably and if that actually happens that will trigger praise for you where everybody has to go into it because they will feel. that their paper money will be worthless one reason behind swapping currency for carrots could
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be more stark than this gold silver is a real monetary value is a paper it's printed it's like leg monopoly and it's that feeling that the way you would you were always no longer hitting the right notes. that sending europeans on the hunt for metal that matters peter all of the r.t. germany. she was also one of the topics in our latest kaiser report where no financial secrets are to be revealed for program airing in fifteen minutes. the us dollar is like this horsemeat that's circulating the globe and fact is that the u.s. dollar will eventually become worthless because it's back to some degree by workers in america tax revenue is are backing the u.s. dollar there's the tax revenue the american people and the u.s. military that's what backs the u.s.
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dollar tax revenue in america is crashing wages are crashing people can't afford donalds anymore people can't afford even to go to wal-mart anymore food stamps are soaring and then of course the inflation coming to the energy complex including gasoline is going to help going to hurt the u.s. military because they buy two hundred fifty million dollars worth of gas every day to fund the pentagon's war machine when the price of gas continues to go up as it is hitting a record prices in california and other states the pentagon won't be able to afford to fill up their gas their tanks and their other vehicles of destruction so it's a double edged sword so that dollar is going to zero the goal is going much higher germany will ask for their gold and i'll be given a receipt for worthless dollars or a horsemeat burger from findus. there are reports that say a government plane has been shot down in the northern part of syria's capital damascus killing up to twenty people meanwhile activists say at least twenty move
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people were killed by an omni so in a rebel held area for. you an estimate the death toll in the two year conflict has now reached seventeen thousand on the diplomatic front russia says he's ready to host talks between syrian opposition and the government with indications that the stalemate could be ending. as more. earlier the leader of the three. an opposition for the first time has said that they're ready to negotiate with the government but only on condition that they release one hundred sixty thousand prisoners will be claimed have been jailed because of their political views now the government on its head and said that it's ready to talk but without any preconditions or clearly there are still major sticking points including the fate of president assad but russia's foreign minister says that there is room for potential progress now moscow has been saying that it's not taking sides in this conflict but is calling on the international community to acquire apply equal pressure on them in order to begin
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a political process in syria knew that it means until recently there were those who discouraged the opposition from participating in dialogue with the regime just as far as i understand now the situation is changing and so it's important that this readiness of the syrian opposition leadership will be met with the government's response so that they are willing to do the same in the meantime and the situation in syria continues to deteriorate and on tuesday russian emergencies ministry plane evacuated around one hundred russian and c.i.s. citizens and there's also speculation that several russian navy ships have been sent to the mediterranean to assist possible further evacuations. staying with syria and despite op tim isn't over talks the conflict could spill beyond the country's borders after a warning from the opposition free syrian army a rebel commander has threatened to shell the positions of hezbollah in lebanon unless it holds its alleged attacks on villages held by insurgents there follows an earlier forty eight hour ultimatum by the f.s.a.
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which expires on thursday lebanon sharply divided over the syrian syrian civil war with the nation's cities and she is supporting opposite sides. elsewhere protests against the government have continued in bulgaria even after the country's prime minister and the resignation of his entire cabinet the move was in reaction to mass demonstrations in goal from the poorest nation since sunday some of the rallies ended up in violence as police responded to public outrage is fueled by exorbitant energy costs hysterically measures and the steady decline in living standards. and golden by the rise of their islamised allies across the arab world the muslim brotherhood's branch in jordan is now looking to expand its influence the movement has long been tolerated by the monarchy there and adding it to gradually win hearts and minds among the population but some locals now fear the brotherhood changing priorities could spell trouble this isn't catherine off reports. when it comes to
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the arts professor mohsen us four works to bridge the divide between east and west influenced by both islamic and renaissance art he hopes to inspire his students with the same passion. but he's going concerned about the muslim brotherhood's rise to power in the region a force says his students don't want to lose the freedoms they now enjoy and often worry about how their lives could change if jordan came under islamist rule. but. maybe. we are afraid. of the mass. but not all share in that fear for decades the muslim brotherhood enjoyed a safe haven in jordan even as it was outlawed elsewhere in the middle east the monarchy is tolerance has helped the group to become the country's most influential
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islamist organization. so. that system was on a full display at this islamic hospital in downtown amman the muslim brotherhood has gained support throughout the arab world with its model of combining political activism with charity work here in jordan the brotherhood is responsible for building schools clinics and hospitals like this one a critical lifeline for the nation's poor. emboldened by the arab spring rise of their counterparts jordan's brotherhood is seeking more power it rallied behind calls for democratic reform of the country's political system trying to cast itself as the face of the opposition the group has vowed to refrain from violence but its leader promised jordan would soon become part of the muslim caliph it rejoice.
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victory is. and islam and street will be created on this subject good can prevail. in january the brotherhood made its move leading a boycott of the parliamentary elections but instead of being a nonevent high voter turnout evidence perhaps that jordan's brotherhood isn't ready for prime time just yet. i have a lot of concerns and must be resolved before i can support the muslim brothers we've seen the recent rise in egypt and tunisia but so far they haven't proven to be a good solution in either of those two countries the power grab has also turned off some longtime brotherhood supporters like this patient who is recovering in the islamic hospital. the muslim brotherhood the street from its traditional role in helping communities now it's too focused on getting. despite such sentiments and fears about its true intentions the brotherhood still remains the only organized political opposition in town for now the group will have to bide its time
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hoping perhaps that regional instability could tip the balance in their favor they think if syria if the revolution succeed in syria. it's a game of political chess and chance for now the students could only wonder whether their futures will be shaped by the islamists or by their own hands you see how full of r t amman jordan. the remains of a mammoth have been discovered in the caucasus region of russia the rare southern mammoth or sudden elephant migrated from africa to raise your around two million years ago researchers uncovered the remains in a clay pit they believe may hold planting or secrets to the area has been home to many discoveries over the years including fangs ribs and other bones and locals frequently make furniture out of the finds the only thing that remains of the most recent discovery are the top. six which will now be examined by experts and if you
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get a minute don't forget so you are check out our new look website and these are the some of the stories that await you at r.t. dot com hatred anger and fury on the rise a recent report shows shocking statistics on violence against jews in france last year the number of anti semitic attacks more than doubled find out more online also a squadron of anonymous hackers may have fought shoulder to shoulder with washington cyber security experts to act stripped china on the cyber battlefield all that about the surprise alliance that are dot com now is the man loved by the people but feared by the banks max kaiser and the kaiser report is up next.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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